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We know how important is is to have answers to questions… Specially when I’m always saying, “educate yourself”  I never let a sales person tell me what’s best for me – why should you!  The internet has allowed us to gather tons of information for free… you just have to ask around.

All the shops roughly say the same thing – so-oooh you’re welcome. There’s design, materials, ink, production, installation. At the end of day ~ if everyone is happy and you found someone that can over-achieve – than you may have found the one (or team) ~ Cheers.

Some Info...

How Accurate is the colour?

6 color CMYK +LC +LM does not match Pantone (PMS) therefore they are not guaranteed. If PMS colors are critical, Sign Design offers a process involving color matches within 90-100% of specified colors for a minimal fee.

How large can Sign Design Print?

Our widest digital output is up to 104” wide – inhouse! We traditionally output in a tiled format to produce finished images of any size… but have found the larger printer is great for hanging wall murals…

How long does a print last?

Depending on substrate and environmental conditions, Sign Design produced graphics will last longer indoor vs. outdoor applications. All of Sign Design inks are OEM and UV-resistant up to 3 years… but by adding lamination this will prolong damage and extend the life of your signage by at least another 3-5 years; lamination is recommended on digitally printed signage.

What platforms does Sign Design support and work within?

Sign Design uses traditional PC’s for print servers but design within an all Macbook Pro in an Adobe supported environment.


What kinds of media are available?

Calendared Vinyl: General-purpose signs and graphics; moderate to good exterior durability. Intended for flat, smooth opaque application surfaces.

Cast Vinyl: Designed for maximum durability and conformability. Cast films produce a conformable product that allows application over substrates with rivets, corrugations, and complex curves.

Translucent: Formulated for illuminated signs and backlit displays.

Reflective: Ideally suited to safety and commercial signs or vehicle graphics that require viewing both day and night.

Etched Frosted: Simulates etched or sandblasted glass; perfect for window fronts, entry doors, and partition privacy.

Banner: A durable and flexible material; available in a variety of scrim, mesh and fabric materials. Price is based on thickness and overall intended usage.

Perforated: Window film, perfect for rear window and retail store frontage.

More: Variety of specialty media such as photo paper, artist canvas, static cling, street & wall graphics & more.

What kinds of substrates are available?

Corrugated Plastic “Coroplast (a brand name)” – Durable and inexpensive, 4mm being a common thickness (golf signage); 10mm is very heavy and rigid (real-estate).

Foam Core: Designed for interior mounting applications requiring rigid, lightweight, and relatively inexpensive material. Used for short-term usage as it dents readily and does not hold up well.

Ultra Board: Heavier than Foam Core; and would recommend over Foam Core as it tends to take more abuse.

Poly-metal: Solid plastic core with aluminum laminated to both surfaces. Perfect for all outdoor signage as it’s extremely durability.

Expanded 3mm PVC: Expanded PVC is lightweight, rigid board with a low gloss matte finish. This material does not rust, rot, peel, or absorb water. This material is for great for almost all interior types of signage.

Sign board: Exterior grade wood product. Use to be standard for outdoor signage.

Acrylic: Ideal for backlit signage.

Polycarbonate – AKA: Lexan: Ideal for backlit signage… usually used when and after Acrylic fails to deliver.

Common Wrap

How long does it take?

The usual lead-time is 2 weeks from finalized artwork. Installation takes 1-2 days. The design process can vary, depending on how concept completion, design typically takes 1-2 weeks. We have and usually preform this process for most of clients within 3-5 days. Once we have signed approval we are off to the races..!

Can it be removed?

Does it Damage the paint? Wraps are removable, It’s not suppose to damage OEM factory paint. However; we have seen it happen..! Sorry we believe in full disclosure and not fancy marketing tactics to get you wrapped! (and yes it was 3M, usually the next question asked)

How long will it last?

Most of our wraps are Warrantied for 4 years. Window perforated material is Warrantied for 1 year. The wrap itself usually will last for 5 or more years. We have many projects on the road that have surpassed manufacturer expectations.

What does it cost?

Pricing varies from project to project. Please keep in mind when comparing costs that we use premium materials that resist fading, chipping and peeling as well last many years over non-brand companies. We have been doing this over 20 years; we didn’t just “get into this” because it became a trend and the margins were better for the installers. We will always only sell what is needed and never more.

Can I see out of my windows?

Yes, we use a special perforated material on the windows so you can see out… only when combined with optically clear over-laminate.

Can I wash my car?

Hand washing your car is ok, pressure washers are not recommended. We also suggest careful use of ice scrapers and limit rear window wiper use.

What other services Sign Design provides?

Full Color Printing

Our Roland, Hp and Oce printers allow us to print at up to 1440 dpi (pretty standard). We continue to only use OEM inks in our printers as saving a few penny’s isn’t worth messing with the environment. OEM inks usually won’t scratch and last 3 to 4 years (un-laminated) outdoors without fading.


Lamination can add a whole new finish to your print. Making your signs glossy, matte, luster or textured. We usually don’t offer anything we print without this top coat…


We can get any type of substrate you request, but over the many years have learned to simplify by carrying one exceptional indoor… one prefect outdoor and many corrugated plastic substrates.

Graphic Design

Our in house graphic designers offer everything you will need to leave here looking complete and professional.


We have probably done it all over the past 20+ years dating back to how it all started, with pinstripes! Our core is still truck and trailer lettering; we are also 3M Preferred and Arlon Certified..!

Rush Ordering

Everything is a Rush order… we know it; you know it – let’s just get it done!.


Everyone is getting into this market these days, we can but don’t push it seeing how most of it doesn’t seem to done local for an affordable or competitive cost. So we tend to sit back and watch this area and reflect mostly.

Contour Cutting

All graphics can have print/cut feature applied. It’s common practice, like putting on a seat belt.

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