Incase you haven’t guessed — everything we do is “custom” and prices are based on Square feet.. so if we don’t know how much material we need to complete what you want – we simply won’t be able to accurately price what your need to have completed.   99% of the projects found on our site is designed “in-house” we work with agencies..  but even they (who have designers) let us do what we do for them to make sure projects are accurately spec’d for production and installation reasons (it’s what we do) –> Projects come in all shapes and sizes.. whether we are adding stripes.. partial wrapping, knifeless custom hood and tailgate patterns – wrapping fenders… personalizing to your taste – or simply adding cool graphics and then tagging in “what you do” within the coolness.. simply equals a win-win!

Installation is a very important step in completing successful wrap project. Most companies provide professional installation service which includes certain undisclosed number of steps, to ensure your satisfaction. However there is a lot of details that could greatly influence the cost of the wrap and it final outcome. By default on commercial applications, door handles are not removed and the vinyl is simply cut and tucked under them. In most cases this practice is perfectly fine and overall look of the graphics is not compromised.

We offer you a choice to have your door handles, headlights and taillights removed before installation. In certain cases like when using solid colour vinyl or specialty vinyls like 3M Carbon Fibre, it would be recommended to spend additional time and remove as much as possible to ensure seamless installation. Vinyl can be tucked in properly when the lights are off the car, and there is no issues with slight vinyl shrinkage due to temperature changes.