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Whether it be ARLON, 3M or AVERY…  It all comes down to performance and how they respond to a claim should something happen…  All brands have their matched price-point and costs go up and down based on promotions (buying volumes, favours and so on) but the overall cost being passed along to end-user is usually close to one another – don’t be afraid to ask if not.  I can’t stress enough when quoting to get “specifics” of product and lamination process.  There are “good – better – best” for all brands.  So to say or list “____ materials is simply not enough to match up the apples… IJ180Cv3 costs more than an IJ40-C (both being 3M) –> As does 6100 vs 4600 (ARLON’s)  Both great products, but they have specific characteristics that make them 100% warrantied for their intended uses…

Re: Liquid lamination; a whole other process by using something that costs pennies to protect your 1000-8000 dollar investment (has mixed manufacturer reviews)..!  Is it apples to apples when against hard laminate protection.?  An actual layer of UV protective vinyl over your wrap vs. a liquid being sold at the same price to protect your investment?  I question it too.. (after all we are also customers) … I wonder if this process is there to add value to the customer or simply the bottom line at your expense…  I believe warranties are only as good as the manufacturer can back and when you hear about liquid laminating voiding warranties or only mentioning a 2 year backing on this process… I don’t feel we’ll be offering this anytime soon.

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